Bespoke Services

Tailor made architecture

Bespoke are able to offer a broad range of services to clients and each can be tailored to meet the specific needs of individual projects of any size. Discover how Bespoke can turn your concepts and ideas into living, working and inspiring architectural reality.

We specialise in creating architectural solutions to fit the needs and lifestyle of the client. Part of the ethos of our company is to provide a truly tailor-made solution and bespoke service. So we seek to incorporate design features that go beyond conventional architectural vocabulary, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary.

We, at Bespoke, are a conscientious, professional and flexible team, capable of building the dreams of clients while working in harmony with the natural environment.

Each project undertaken by Bespoke includes a detailed brief and budget which is agreed by the client and set out at the design stage of the project.

Design, planning and project supervision of all projects including villa design, hotel and clubhouse design with all designs seen through from start to finish. Plots of land can be found, ruins located for renovations or grand design projects initiated and completed.

Engineering aspects of properties including water, rain water and sewerage solutions, site safety, fire and safety aspects and acoustics are all assessed and implemented.

Project Management

Management of the entire project and site including construction, design and dealing with contractors. Best prices and practices overseen to ensure total peace of mind,with continual status reports and client confirmations sought at every stage.

Site Supervisor

A lighter version of project management including weekly site visits and reports.

Landscape Design

All exterior areas can be designed and transformed; from small garden design to golf courses and public spaces.

Interior Design and Furnishing

Reflect the exterior beauty of a property throughout with complimentary interior design and unique furniture solutions.

Site Preparation/Tender Process

Creating detailed specifications for all projects to ensure best prices on projects and to prevent excess costs in projects of any size.

Building Surveys

Full building surveys available before purchase of a property and available in both English and Portuguese for comprehensive details.


Explore design ideas, resolve building queries and discuss general ideas with the professional and experienced team at Bespoke.

Master Planning

Large and small scale development planning including all aspects of infrastructure, architecture, design through to dealing with contractors.


Bespoke are specialists in sourcing builders and construction staff and work with a number of highly recommended companies. Experience in both the UK and Portugal allows for a deep understanding of client needs which can then be easily translated to construction companies.


What they say about Bespoke

Just to express my appreciation of all your hard work in obtaining my Habitation Licence, and for all the negotiations with the council!

I would have no hesitation in using your services in the future, but hopefully I won’t need them!

Mrs Debra Turner / 09.07.2018

Von der Idee zu genehmigten Bauplaenen - eine Herausforderung, wenn man eine vom Bauhaus-Style geprägte moderne Architektur mit den besonderen Bedingungen unseres Grundstücks umsetzen will.

Unsere Wahl viel auf BESPOKE. John und sein professionelles Team gelang es Flächenoptimierung und großzügige offene Raumplanung voller Licht und Transparenz gepaart mit einer individuellen, sehr modernen Formensprache und exklusiven Ausstattung "unter einen Hut (Dach)" zu bringen. Chapeau!

Wir freuen uns auf das Ergebnis in 2019 und die sehr persönliche Zusammenarbeit auf dem Weg dahin

Christoph / 15.06.2018

I would recommend John Wilson of Bespoke to anyone. He produced high quality drawings to my specifications with a number of new suggestions and recommendations that made the building so much better and he did this with no additional cost and to the deadlines set.

He then obtained all the necessary official requirements for the project to take place well within the deadlines I set and with the minimum of fuss. His project management skills are second to none and the project was completed on time and to budget. What more can you ask of an outstanding architect?

Richard Clingen / 11.06.2018