Bespoke Architecture

Looking beyond the walls

Bespoke is an independent company based in the Algarve, Portugal, specialising in architectural projects and project management.

Bespoke, founded in 2011 and headed by British born architect John Wilson, brings time-tested British practices to Portuguese projects with a flair and professionalism which is reflected in the dynamic and innovative projects undertaken by the company.

Being bilingual enables John to liaise seamlessly between English speaking clients and Portuguese contractors, legal entities and local authorities, to ensure that the vision of every client is represented fully and completed both in time and within budget.

Since gaining a BA Hons from London University and achieving a Masters Degree in Portugal John has had the pleasure of collaborating with some of the most respected designers, architects, engineers and construction companies in Portugal and throughout the world. This has allowed John to experience a vast variety of projects, from rustic renovations to master planning entire resorts, contemporary villa design to properties that fuse the past and the

Listening to the needs of a client is central to the ethos of Bespoke who are able to tailor every project to individual requirements in a methodical and thorough manner while never sacrificing style and design ethics.

The Bespoke team, headed by John Wilson, is experienced, professional and innovative and able to think beyond walls and structure to create unforgettable spaces filled with unexpected discoveries.