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Casa Marshland


This property located in the centre of Carvoeiro was completely renovated from a traditional style town property into a spacious, highly functional and private retreat.

Space limitations were overcome using clean lines and optimising the use of light throughout the property across split levels, while the outdoor living space was rejuvenated to provide a haven including shady terraces and a sun drenched pool area.

The renovation demonstrates how innovative design and architectural vision can transform any property into a modern and contemporary space.

It was a daunting thought, how would we take on a major re- build project in Portugal while we lived in the UK? A Portuguese friend of ours introduced us to John Wilson. Bespoke Architectural projects. We soon realised how lucky we were to have found John, not only for his creative and design abilities, but also for the amount of caring and soul he was willing to put into our project.

John has been, professional, effective communicators in our project too fully refurbish our home in Portugal. 

He has been responsible for designing and managing the construction stage from start to finish. This has included the conceptual design, controlling and completing all the technical drawings as well as attending many meetings with the Camara.

I would like to emphasize his ability to solve problems on ourproject, and adapt himself to the other internal and external collaborators (Sub-contractors), IE, builder, engineers, Camara etc. John has shown himself to be reliable and methodical when on his site visits, doing his research on rules and regulations concerning our project John has demonstrated to us his ability to work independently using his creativity and enthusiasm.

It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that we can recommend John Wilson and his team, Bespoke Architectural Projects & Projects Management.

  • Location: Carvoeiro, Lagoa
  • Year: 2014
  • Status: Finished

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