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Carvoeiro II

    Renovações, Gestão

Uma extensão no primeiro piso duma vivenda já construída em Carvoeiro levou a equipa da Bespoke Algarve Architects a tomar em conta o design original do imóvel e, ao mesmo tempo, incorporar elementos modernos dum modo favorável.

O design do piso superior foi criado pela equipa de modo a obter o máximo proveito da luz natural e da localização do imóvel, mas mantendo sempre uma sinergia entre os elementos originais antigos do imóvel e o novo design.

O projeto foi gerido pela equipa da Bespoke e começou em finais de 2014, tendo sido completado no verão de 2015.

We worked on a project with John Wilson to put an extension on our villa and have been thrilled with both the result and the process, so much so that we are to embark on another project with him this winter. 

John is easy to work with, full of good and practical ideas but helistens to his client and makes adjustments suited to their needs, wants and tastes.

As both architect and project manager, his attention to detail is exemplary and his ability to foresee problems and circumvent them is admirable. His relationship with his builder is extraordinarily good which makes for an easy process.

As we lived in the UK during most of the actual work, his weekly updates were a great help; we were furnished with lots of photographs and a comprehensive overview of the progress being made. However, John does not trouble the absentee client if he knows he can deal with a problem himself. Any decisions he took on our behalf were with a good understanding of the sort of clients that we were and after he had gathered, through conversation and consultation, our tastes and the use to which we were going to put the building.

John is honest, upfront and realistic about the costs, possibilities and pitfalls that may arise during the works and we always trusted him. He never failed that trust. 

We would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone thinking of any works requiring the services he provides.

  • Localização: Carvoeiro, Lagoa
  • Ano: 2015
  • Estado: Acabado

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